Waiting for the storm…

Do you know what’s worse than Saturday afternoons with nothing to do?…Saturday afternoons without my Jeep and nothing to do. At least I could go to the hobby store and look at the paint and brushes and yarn! Sadly, my husband’s Coyote (1981 Toyota Pickup) is losing its fuel pump, so I’m stuck in the house 30 minutes away from town with my 4-year-old grandson, Skyler, trying to keep him from climbing the walls. And, if that isn’t bad enough? We have another snow storm predicted to hit later this afternoon! More snow!

We just finished raking/aerating the lawn. Isn’t it written somewhere that when you do that Spring immediately begins? Ah come on! I have daffodils opening up, and tulips and the iris are going nuts…

Well….we could ….I know, let’s plant seeds! That’ll keep him busy for awhile. What’s a little dirt?

It’s interesting how a “little” thing like starting this blog causes all sorts of traffic to bounce around in my brain. I usually love snow storms that keep us inside so that I can read and play around with crafts – now I’m thinking about blog designs and coming up with some DIY projects. I really like the idea of a new venue for my painting and decorating ideas – no more craft shows filling up the weekends.

Truthfully, I already have three DIYs and a time in the near future to showcase a small series of seasonal prints that I’m still in love with, that I  painted and designed a couple of years ago.

Also having a good time with a second pair of tube socks that I’m knitting, and excited that I found out how to change the instructions into a smaller size for Skyler. I’m finding that I Love Knitting!

Easter’s next week and I’d like to post a picture of my Spring shelf that I’ve been decorating. I decided since its in the great room, I need to put several things on it this year…less is more isn’t working for me on this project. I already like it a lot!

For my Bible study buddies, I’m working through the Gospel Advocate’s  Christian Woman 8-part series.  I finally finished all of 2013’s series. To those not familiar, every two month issue contains  a new series. This one is “There is Nothing New” from the Jan./Feb. 2014 issue. This magazine has great soup recipes as well.

Well, quiet time is over, so the planting of seeds will begin shortly. Hopefully, next week  I can post pictures so you can see how it went. Until next week…


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