Decorating for Easter…

I soooo… wanted to get this together for Easter. There’s not too much time left over during the day for me to decorate the house unless Skyler is in quiet time (which is for an hour in the afternoon and a great time for him to chill and time for me to do…stuff).

Anyway, this is the spring shelf – complete with my newest favorites. The clock is one that my husband, Ken made. It’s pine, painted black and then waxed with Johnson’s paste wax…just a little, but even on painted wood (I’ve done this on painted chairs as well), the wax protects it quite well. We used to use paste wax on our Rosemahled plates years ago. You just have to buff them with an old white sock to bring back the soft look.

The clock is called the Treasure Clock because its door opens and you can store several “treasures” inside. It also holds things I’m trying to hide from Skyler now and again. I’ve painted wild roses on the insert and antiqued it. I found the clock face at a hobby store. I hope to change the inserts (if I can locate the clock faces – its the hunt that makes it exciting) with the seasons. Fun, huh?

I’m a collector of stuffed bears, cats and rabbits. Easter decorations aren’t complete without a bunny in attendance (this one is a TY). The candy holder is a chicken feeder from Big R (farm/ranching store) bedecked with spring stickers. The kids in our family love these – I decorate one for every season and holiday (a case of fruit jars is only about $10 at Walmart – regular mouth jar). Oh, make sure you apply the stickers with the jar upside down, then when you screw it into the holder the design is right side up.

The goose is my favorite of all, I love the colors. Years ago my mother painted it and kept it on herImageImage


coffee table. When she had to go in assisted living, she let me take it to my house where it stays in my work room everyday of the year. This year though, its gracing my spring shelf. If anyone is interested I’ll ask her if she remembers what pattern book it was in and share it with you. I think its absolutely beautiful.

Again, thanks for letting me share my craziness with you, I’m loving having this outlet. 

Oh, and the butterfly flower arrangement is from Dollar Tree – aren’t they lovely?


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