The cutest thing…


Last weekend I found out that our new kitty has two new friends. Miss Kitty (I gave up on Skyler trying to say Patches…it didn’t fit her anyway), made friends with two other little female cats next door. Our neighbors are ex-Air Force and have a rescue for dogs, not large dogs, but some of the cutest small dogs you’ve ever seen. Between their eight, our Chubb-Chub (a Bug…cross between a Boston Terrier and Pug) and with the three on the other side of our property, you can see we are well stocked in canines. Then our son brought home Miss Kitty (aka Ki-Ki). One cat surrounded by twelve dogs? Can you imagine how she felt; kind of like a young woman walking through the downtown construction zone…all the whistles and laughter and cat-calling (pun intended)?

Well, the dogs probably weren’t whistling at her (that would just be weird!), but they were saying something. So she stayed pretty much on the back patio and around the pond area, unfortunately eyeing my Robins that came early last month. Anyway, then we began seeing a black cat running around the neighbor’s property. We laughed with each other about how crazy it seemed that a cat stayed around there with eight dogs!

Sure enough, there’s not only that cat, but she has a twin sister…the cutest thing. And what’s even better, they’ve made friends with our Miss Kitty. Now the ratio of cats to dogs has narrowed down a tad. I’ll try to catch them in a pic to share with you.

Well, it’s Wednesday morning, my morning’s open…what to do, what to do? I bought a ton of flower seeds yesterday (Walmart – 20 cents each!)…Bachelor Buttons, Zinna, Shasta Daisy, Sweet William, Morning Glory-two shades (plant near a fence, right?), Nasturtium, and some Hummingbird Wildflower Mix. I can start them in more seed pots…my painting table is quickly being overtaken by seed pots!

And I still need to start my diy projects in photos. I have a little Olympus FE-280 that’s really old (since I can’t remember when I received it as a gift). Anyway…it’s not holding its charge; need to research a new battery for it I suppose. But it sure is frustrating to get set to take pictures and the camera’s out of power! Ugh!

Of course, I could write some, or paint, or journal. If you’re wondering where the grandson is, I haven’t duct-tapped him to the wall. This is his PBS time…he watches Curious George (he wouldn’t miss a episode of George), the Cat in the Hat (of course), and Peg + Cat…even if you’re not a cartoon officianado of PBS, watch Peg + Cat sometime…the cat is a scream! And, I couldn’t help but notice, the illustrator of this cartoon uses graph paper for background…well, I tried it…it’s so easy to design on graph paper! Everything stays upright and even, wish I had found that for some of my past designs…sometimes they listed to the right or left a little). Hmmm, just when you thought you knew everything, yes?

Off to get started on something…


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