I must confess…my kids say funny things

Have you ever had one of those moments, well, I know every parent has…you know, when your kid does or says something that you think is so ‘out there’ and you look at them and think, “Who are you and where is your mother?” It’s the kind of comment or stunt that makes you look around to make sure the house drones (you don’t really think we’ll have those do you? Oh please…!) didn’t hear them and wonder why their parents hadn’t taught them better?

Well, color me floored! We had been talking about different insurances; auto, home, medical, etc. He recently got bumped off our medical insurance because he’s not a full-time student and hadn’t sent in regular report cards. And, his teenage driving record has come back to bite him, like they always do, right? Well, my son, whom I thought was kind of intelligent said that he didn’t need car insurance, wasn’t going to worry about it and I shouldn’t worry about it for him!

What? The first thing I thought of was…those are fightin’ words mister! I shouldn’t worry about him? How many folks out there, that have children, ever…ever….ever quit worrying about their kids? My mother-in-law tells a story about asking her mother when she stopped worrying about her. Her mother answered seriously, “I don’t know, how old are you?”

Exactly! What the…? When did he…? Didn’t he get the memo? How did I fail? I even worked for a well-known insurance company at the time. Okay, but shouldn’t he have gotten the idea by osmosis or something?

And do you know what’s even scarier that that? Have you ever taken a poll of young people that are twenty somethings about insurance? They all look like the deer in the headlights before he got squished. Have we raised a whole generation that “thinks funny?” Please don’t ask if I’ve been hiding under a rock for the past fourteen years. And, okay…but it was the only quiet place…and that’s beside the point.

But that’s not the only subject for shock fodder. Sometime bring up living single, that one will curl you hair. Oh, go ahead and throw out conspiracy theories and religion or politics, but make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure medicine folks, you’re about to get an education from none other than your own kids.

And to think that I’m helping to raise a four-year-old, pray that I can handle the stress. He is awfully cute!




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