Let me introduce myself:

Hello, I’m Pam, and as my profile reads, I’m a Christian first, a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister. This is actually my second attempt at a blog. My first one was with another company and everything went well until I retired from my job as an office mgr. and assistant to our minister for our church. Somehow, when things kind of settled down, I found I had misplaced my blog….or they misplaced me.

Anyway, when I retired, my husband retired too (from his job of 40 years). We moved 70 miles away from our home of 28 years into a 3,000 sq. ft. home on three plus acres.  We love it!

Along those lines, we also gained another dependent, our 4th grandchild, Skyler. Skyler is 4-years-old this year, and very active…and curious…and cute as a button. But, he’s 4 and we each just turned 61 – yikes!

I’ve said all that to help introduce my new blog, “Coloring inside the lines…again”. In this blog, I hope to share our journey with some new friends. Please be kind, we need all the positive, helpful hints we can get. It’s a lot scary. We have a new life, a new home to decorate and responsibility for a great little guy. And of course, prayers are always welcome, we couldn’t begin this labor of love without prayers, wouldn’t even attempt it.

This is going to be our second summer actually, but I don’t count last year really, it was just craziness. Now I’m beginning to kind of decorate our house and will need ideas from you all. I intend on taking/posting pictures so you can see what I’m working with. Ideas for working with preschoolers is appreciated. I would love sharing Bible studies with you. I’m a past decorative painter/designer/teacher. I love scrapbooking, project life journaling ideas, art journals, knitting, sewing, gardening, etc.

I know many of you have traveled this road as well and I’d love to hear your thoughts.